Explore Sunsets

To enjoy the setting sun, at the end of any given day, from our home, or at the beach, at the lake, or at the ocean, has got to be one of the most amazing time of day and views I have seen in life. I absolutely love sunsets. Many an evening, depending on the season, our dinner will get cold because there is a gorgeous setting sun to be captured (many times first in photos) and into my painting diary.  There are never any two sunsets the same. And as with my sunset paintings, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and available for collection.

New Sunsets Available for Collection

Coming this Summer 2020 !!

Evening Night Skies


We are truly blessed to have the pleasure of viewing evening spectacles as these on almost any given night from our home-sweet-home. Sometimes on a vacation away, too, and usually at a waters edge. 

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