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Custom Paintings

For your home, business, cottage; your environment and gift-giving.

Painting is my passion in life (for life!) and I am open to the possibility of painting your one-and-only. Cool tones, warm tones, bold, soft pastel hues, your preference. Your ideas, my imagination and skill being put to work. So, what do you have in mind? Contact me today for more details and let’s get started! 

Starting at size 16 x 20 inches and up, I paint a variety of custom works for almost any occasion. Think birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, for business offices, client thank-you’s, housewarmings, and “just because”. In a variety of subjects, styles, techniques, and palette selections. 

The following is a small sample of some of the types of matchless custom works I create. Be sure to view my online portfolio too selecting from the Painting Gallery categories above. View my FAQ that answers more common custom work questions. Have something else in mind? Ask me, I consider all Custom Work

Barbara Simpson Art World with original acrylic painting, "Buckets of Love"

Pet Portraits

Doggies and Puppies are a favourite pet portrait in my Art World. Although, I am open to painting whatever your pet is! Original acrylic pet portraits in a variety of styles and techniques, in any season, and with their favourite toy!

[Image: "Dancer", original acrylic, owned by art collector] With Gratitude to this client allowing me to paint her precious doggy's portrait. Sadly, Dancer passed away. Yet, this client is happy for this forever-keepsake.

Original acrylic painting,Christmas on Laurier, 16 x 20 in., by Barbara Simpson. Commission. Owned by art collectors.

House Portraits

Original acrylic house portraits in a variety of styles and techniques, and in every season and occasion! Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Easter and the list goes on! My client surprised his wife with this painting by yours truly. It was summertime when I was approached to take on the custom work. From a myriad of summer photos, oh the sheer happiness upon his wife's face was awesome when she saw the painting in her favourite time of the year - Christmas! I love that feeling when clients are over the top about custom works I create for them. And I can for you too! No matter the geography that separates us, I would be delighted to paint your house portrait! Contact me today!

[Image: "Christmas on Laurier", original acrylic, custom work for art collectors] With much Gratitude for this opportunity. Seeing the smiles on clients' faces or hearing the joy in their voice is even more rewarding - I love that!!

Original acrylic painting, Castor Bean, 8 x 10 in, by Barbara Simpson. Commission.

Client Thank-You Originals

Original acrylic paintings for your clients in a variety of themes, styles and techniques. Affordable for every business budget. Need framing? No problem, I can help with referrals of framers I have used. Contact me with your details of what you have in mind for your client and we can get started right away!

[Image: "Castor Bean", commissioned by business person for client.] With Gratitude to this kind business person who entrusted me with the perfect clients' thank-you gift.

Barbara Simpson Art World_Spirit of Brockville, Business Commission (07)_Copyright s

Business Request Originals

Original acrylic paintings for business owner requests, the possibilities are endless. Variety of themes, styles, techniques and affordable for every business budget. Need framing? I can help with that. Contact me with your details, what you have in mind for your business, let's get started!

[Image: "Spirit of Brockville", completed for Business Steps] With Gratitude to this business owner and for the opportunity to also go on and help with a fundraiser to raise money for Brockville General Hospital. Many Blessings.

Original acrylic painting, "Home Sweet Home - On Graham Lake", Commission by Barbara Simpson Canadian Artist. Commission.

Cottage Portraits

Original acrylic cottage portraits in a variety of styles and techniques, and SEASONS! I not only painted the lake front of this cottage, I received the opportunity to paint the road side (front) of the house. What an amazing spot!

[Image: "Home Sweet Home - On Graham Lake I", owned by art collectors.] Sheer gratitude is what I feel for these opportunities for this lovely couple.

Nine original acrylic butterfly paintings, Commissions, by Barbara Simpson, Canadian Artist. Commissions.

Butterfly Originals

Butterflies, a favourite in my Art World. Original acrylic butterfly paintings in a variety of styles and techniques and imagination for every room in your environment such as for this one art collector! When I am asked to let my imagination roam, that is something I am great at. I have a huge imagination that seems to keep on growing, keeping within the confines of my clients' requests.

[Images: Nine original butterfly paintings.] With Gratitude for the opportunity to paint these butterfly creations for a long-time art collector in my Art World.

Tropical Vacation Original acrylic painting, commission, by Barbara Simpson, Canadian Artist

Tropical and Vacation

This was my first custom painting, back in 1998. I was delighted to receive this businessman's request, as you might imagine. Have you traveled to a sunny destination, or somewhere in the mountains or woods, a place you love and often thought of having a painting created? Contact me and we'll get started right away! I would be happy to recreate that moment for you.

[Image: Tropical Escape - Jamaica, original acrylic, owned by art collector] With much Gratitude for this client giving my first commissioned opportunity.

Original acrylic painting commission, Ann Maria, by Barbara Simpson (14)

Portraits & Adventure

One of the things I love about painting portraits and I consider a blessing, is learning something more about people's personalities and love for them to shine through. Portraits, I have painted a few including from one person (multiple times!), to a family of four, a bride, people in their fave environment, boudoirs, and even a self-portrait (which by the way is under a painting owned by a long-time collector!) Contact me to paint your portrait with your personality in your ideal environment. I'd love that challenge!!

[Image: "I am Maria"; this painting was so much fun to paint, with her exciting personality, in a memorable location in her life]. With Gratitude, to a long-time client and business,am for many opportunities, including this delightful one.

Why hire Barbara Simpson for your custom work?

Having a custom work created is a big deal. Being able to decipher what each client is thinking and wanting is important to me, and getting all the details narrowed down – right from the beginning. Building trust with each client over the years to complete their requests is paramount in my art business. Equally, it is important to me to keep the lines of communication open. As a result, I ensure to work closely with each client and give them as many updates they request. My client’s input is important too, so together we are a team, creating an amazing custom work!  I have decades of both business and artistic experience, working with countless individuals in various businesses and corporations. To complete my client’s custom work to their satisfaction is my ultimate goal and pride myself on that aspect of my work.  A few points follow, but be sure to peruse my CV, to attest to my experience.

What You Get

So, what will you receive with your custom work, additional to a beautiful painting for your collection to rave about with all your family and friends?

  • Enthusiastic Customer Service: together with regular communication of the progress of your custom work.
  • Important documents: for your records, together with an official receipt.
  • Careful packaging and safe delivery: arranged directly with you with every detail considered.
  • Original artwork: your painting is the one-and-only of its kind. Since 1998, I have been painting originals-only (no prints).
  • Answers to all your questions: Not only in regular communications, please see my FAQ to assist as well.
  • Extra specialties: you will discover and receive from Barbara Simpson Art World because I am grateful for your business.
Original acrylic Cuisine In the Kitchen Custom Work, Pears, by Barbara Simpson, Canadian Artist.

Cuisine "In the Kitchen" Originals

When I received this custom request, I was informed of these only details: "this size" and "pears". The rest was up to me. I love that kind of challenge and trust from my clients! And with happy clients, a happy artist - yours tuly. Original acrylic still life cuisine paintings tasteful, in a variety of sizes, styles and techniques. From Pears to peaches and pineapples, anything you can think of 'in the kitchen'. What would you like me to paint from your kitchen?

[Image: Pears, original acrylic, owned by art collectors] With Gratitude for this client's trust to let me be free in my creativity and create for their home.

Original acrylic painting, on Mexican mask, by Barbara Simpson

Unique Originals on Unique Surfaces

Original acrylic paintings on a variety of surfaces. Businesses and art lovers welcome! I have received some fantastic opportunities, for individuals, businesses, trade shows and on different surfaces. It's incredibly exciting for me to take on such a challenge. Have a challenge in mind for me? Let me know, I consider all custom work.

[Image: One of the unique pieces I have completed; original acrylic on carved Mexican mask provided by my clients] residing in Mexico 1/2 year & in Canada the other 1/2 of the year. With Gratitude, the trust of my clients to allow me to paint on an already beautifully hand-carved artwork.

Originally acrylic painting, Iris for Deborah, Commission, by Barbara Simpson Art World

Floral Originals

Original floral paintings in a variety of styles and techniques, one of my absolute favourites to paint. I LOVE flowers! Turn your favourite flower into a collectible that is sure to last forever. For every occasion, affordable - for every budget, contact me and let's get started!

[Image: Original acrylic, Iris for Deborah, owned by collectors] With Gratitude to create once again for this lovely couple.

Trio of original butterfly garden gems paintings, "Whimsical in Nature", by Barbara Simpson Art World; professionally framed., Commission.

Garden Gems

When I was approached to complete this colourful trio of butterfly paintings, I was asked to use my imagination. Again, no problem, I have lots of imagination! And I can paint from my imagination for you too - or for a gift! Original acrylic garden gem paintings with flowers and butterflies in a variety of styles and techniques. Need framing, too? I can help with that.

[Image: This trio of paintings, "Whimsical in Nature", original acrylics, Larson-Juhl custom framing, owned by collector] With much Gratitude for this trio opportunity for me to paint for this lovely person.

So, Let’s Get Started on your Custom Work ! – Barbara Simpson