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My online gallery includes picturesque Canadian, American, and varied tropical water/landscapes, cheerful blooms and gardens, spirited abstracts, stimulating sunsets, complementary still life, and other exciting subjects that grab my zest for life. One-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, original fine art available for collection. 

New Originals Available for Collection

2020 NEW SERIES: Dreams of Tranquility (Floral Ocean) – Dreams of vibrant jewel tones: blue sapphire, turquoise, emerald, citrine and garnet. Underwater garden gems floating in the depths of the ocean before me. Everything around me feels at peace.

2020 NEW SERIES: One of my favourite lakes and by many people to enjoy, relax, and fish. Starting out one particular morning, taking in the views so tranquil and still, a loon heard nearby, a fish jumps over there. Love for nature. I absolutely love this location shared with family and friends. 

Blooms & Gardens


Passionate by nature, I love flowers! Floral arrangements, bouquets received, our garden gems, all so plentiful. Each painting defines a story in my life, all created with much energy, love, and symbolism. Friendship and Every Day Love, for your enjoyment.

Natural World


Since I was born, I was exposed to a life of travel. It was inevitable that travel would be wanderlust inspiring my life and creative vision. Each painting denotes a time in my life, or a special occasion, each with its own story, and a record in my painting diary.

Dreams & Imagination


Spontaneous rich splashes of colour, form, expressive lines and shape evolve. Emotion and texture. Symbolism from dreams, life experiences and from my deep imagination are encouraged through meditation and yoga. Be sure to stand at a distance when you views these and consider what and who you might see.

Beautiful Night Skies


We are truly blessed to have the pleasure of viewing evening sky spectacles as these on almost any given night from our home-sweet-home. Sometimes on a holiday, too, and usually at a waters edge.

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