In the span of over 20 years, I have participated in numerous exhibitions, completed a variety of custom works, and I have met a lot of really wonderful people through it all. And on every occasion, questions arise, lots of questions. So, whether you are new to collecting original fine art, or a seasoned art collector with a growing collection, or seeking a custom work, I am here and happy to answer your questions. Specifically, I can speak to my work and process, and the professional artist-grade supplies I use in the making of my artworks. Additionally, purchasing and shipment of my work and custom work, too. Here are the most common questions I have been asked, and my answers for each. Still have a question after going through my FAQ? No problem! Please reach out, contact me. I am happy to answer your questions.

With inspiration and creatively yours, 

Barbara Simpson

No, before going full time, I spent many wonderful years working in business and corporate – big and small. Some of those wonderful years I worked both my full-time job alongside my art endeavour.  I’m grateful for working in business and corporate as they have both helped me in my art endeavour.

In simplest terms, shapes and colours, with the underlying premise of my art being ‘love and joy’. That all makes me happy since a child, and when I am creating every painting now. Knowing that I am truly happy and love what I am doing, painting, be it a floral or a sunset or other, is important to me. I love what I do. Sharing that joy, that inspiration, I love being an artist. I am an artist-for-life. I am inspired by much in life that goes into my work and there is more information throughout my website, under About Barbara, too.

AFFORDABLE QUALITY FINE ART. I pride myself on producing premier artworks.  I use only professional artist-grade materials in creating my artworks. For over two decades, I have been painting quality fine art acrylic paintings, originals-only (no prints).  My promise to each of my collectors and clients is remaining ‘original’ (no prints) and ‘quality’ paintings for purchase and collection.  Collectors of my work have deemed this aspects important over the years, knowing what supplies have gone into painting their one-and-only of its kind. The great masters of yesteryear didn’t make prints either. I like that.

Absolutely I can answer that! I LOVE colour and have so all my life for as long as I can remember. In fact, I had a yellow bedroom when I was born – happy sunshiny yellow – so right from my entrance into the world. I love that colour, yellow, one of happiness and joy! Also, colour is all around us in what we choose – in our environments, our clothes, even in foods we enjoy. It really plays a vital role in our life. I see colour quite vividly, it moves me, and another big reason why I use colour in such a vibrant manner in my work. Painting in all its vibrancy allows me to connect with people on a very personal level, too. Because I love colour and have studied it a great deal, that allows me to connect with happy, joyful, interesting people.  Our personalities click. It’s a happy time. I am inspired when I see collectors in my Art World collecting my work of a specific colour, not necessarily of a specific genre.  I can totally relate to them and the choice of colour for similar reasons, meanings, even in differences. It is all extremely exciting for me to connect with people on this (colourful) level. It truly is a science. I was not fan of science per se in school as a young girl, but Colour Theory, the science of that is a whole other ball game and another amazing story that REALLY moved me! 

Yes, there is one painting that comes to mind. I remember painting it at my parents’ kitchen table early on in my art career. I had asked my Mom what she thought of my painting. Of course, she said she loved it. Moms say supportive things like that, yet she was serious.  At first, I wasn’t sure I was satisfied with how it was evolving, however, after my Mom told me, “Barbara, not every day is a sunny day.”, she was right, and I gained a whole new perspective on painting with seemingly dull colours, to me. Still, the painting has a lot of colour, and went on to be purchased by an art collector.

That is a GREAT question indeed! Personally, I love all colours and various values of each! Yet, having been asked this question numerous times, I usually respond with, “Joy”.  My favourite colour is “Joy”. I tend to gravitate to bold/rich colours – jewel tones, colours in nature, particularly the ocean and flower gardens and stimulating sunsets … I have a romantic affair with colour! Reds, Yellows, and Blues & Greens like Cerulean, Prussian, Turquoise, Chartreuse, the Purples too like Dioxazine Violet (it’s so dark and so gorgeous!), Magenta, Lavender… All colours for me really are “Joy”. There is no real “one” colour for me. I love them all. 

Great question. Yes, that colour is Black, and what I mean is Black ‘straight out of a tube’. To me, in essence, Black is a one of THE most beautiful colours, however, I prefer to mix all my darkest colours for the painting a radiant dark gleam or shadow. When my beautiful colourful Black hits the light, it so gorgeous, and it compliments the painting extremely well. I find that Black straight out of the tube, i.e., Mars Black, is ‘harsh’.  I am not about ‘harsh’.  I’m about beauty and colour, lots of brilliant colour! The only time I have had to use black straight out of the tube: 1) lessons in art classes and 2) a few commission pieces at request of clients. Everyone is entitled to their preference, absolutely! But for me, I am about ‘bold romantic colour’, in my work (and in my life) and my beautiful colourful Black of all the richness of dark colours I use is tried, tested and true.

Yes, I did like them, for the assignments and commissioned works completed. And I passed my classes and my clients were thrilled with their custom works. Personally, I prefer colour and lots of it, and (my) rendition of  the colour black is so beautiful and colourful. 

Payment options include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery; through safe transmission with Square. I also accept e-transfers. 

Once a decision for painting(s) desired is made, there are a couple ways to make a purchase:

1) Complete the Contact form on my Contact page. Be sure to include full name (first/last), email address and contact telephone number. In the ‘message’ section, enter the painting(s) title(s) as well as payment type that you will be using.. 

2) Alternately, please send email to fineart@barbarasimpsonartworld.com with the same information: your first and last name, contact telephone number and the painting(s) you would like to purchase, and payment type you will be using. 

Note: In both instances above, I will be in touch within 24 -48 hours to take your payment and coordinate shipping. Mailing street address is required [no P.O. addresses]. Once payment has been processed, official receipt is promptly sent to email address provided. To avoid disappointment, please contact me to place a deposit on the painting you desire. I paint originals-only, no prints, since 1998.  

Absolutely! An official receipt from Barbara Simpson Art World will be emailed to you for your records. 

Your painting is carefully packaged in appropriate shipping cardboard box and packing materials. Creating each of my paintings take a great deal of dedicated time. I take immense pleasure in creating each of my masterpieces. Therefore, preparations for delivery of your artwork to ensure safe delivery to you is part of that experience as delivery of artwork is prearranged directly and personally with you, upon payment of your desired artwork and will added to the total of your artwork purchase. Barbara Simpson Art World widely uses Canada Post and Purolator; tracking number provided. Read Testimonials of happy art collectors in receipt of their paintings here.

Your painting is carefully packaged to be shipped upon receipt of payment. Shipping type and date will be coordinated directly with you at time of payment.

Once payment has been received in full and your painting prepared for shipping, a tracking number will be provided and emailed to you. 

Yes. Most commission work is accepted and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I am an Artist for hire. I am hired personally and by business professionals to complete amazing opportunities! Each one is exciting to create.

Please reach out by completing the form on the Contact page. I will respond as quickly as possible. Please allow a couple of days. Please include details about what you have in mind to be created. 

Sizes start at 16 x 20 in., and varied price points, and considered luxury additions to any room in your environment to be enjoyed for years to come, and hopefully hand down to loved ones!

A 50% deposit is required at time of booking.

I encourage regular communication with my client to ensure we’re on the same page. As an artist and a business person, it is about building relationships. I look forward to establishing a business relationship with you. 

Certificate of Authenticity received upon completion together with other important information regarding the original artwork. 

Copyright is retained by the artist, Barbara Simpson. Barbara Simpson Art World retains all rights as with all of her artwork.

Payment in full is required prior to shipping.

Official receipt included.

Thank you for considering my original artwork. I look forward to hearing from you! So, what do you have in mind? Contact me to discuss and let’s get started!

A great question indeed that every artist should be asked! My artworks are made completely of professional-grade and of quality from start to finish, and because I want my work to be enjoyed for years into the future.  To elaborate: Liquitex Professional Heavy and Soft Body Artist-Grade paints, gels and mediums, and they continue to stand tried tested and true. For the surface, I use quality cotton canvas and pine wood, as well as high-end gallery-wrapped canvas of 100% cotton duck. Also in my experience, some supplies I’ve used in custom works are quite precious too!  For the finishing touches including varnishes, and including hanging and presentation are important – with or without a frame. Should you decide on framing, depending on your location, I can recommend quality framers I have used in Alberta and Ontario, and I am happy to assist with those arrangements. Or I can have framing selected for you and add to the total of your painting purchase. Although, majority of my work is prepared ready to hang without framing. It is also important to note, the paint and finish I use on my work will sustain its original colour and not yellow over time – staying tried, tested and true. In fact, I have paintings completed over 20 years ago in my own personal collection that look like they were painted in all their brilliance in just recent days. Premier supplies only for my work.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. For your convenience, please see Currency Converter here

Floral, Tropical, Water/Landscape, Abstract, Fantasy