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“An expression of my being and art ‘through my eyes’.” – Barbara Simpson

Barbara Simpson "Originals-Only" Canadian Visual Artist

Throughout my art career, passion has been my fuel. Importantly, together with a life devoted to creating and inspiring others through my art. My work is about colour and the relationship among colours. And my work appears unrepresentative, even random, at times, but a balanced composition clearly planned, for any subject I paint.

Since 1998, I have been painting, exclusively, one-of-a-kind artworks in the acrylic medium, adding colour and joy to people’s homes, offices and cottages across Canada, USA, and Europe, in a variety of styles and techniques and subject matter. I am not interested in painting just one subject, in one style or one technique. As a result, my dexterity allows me to take on remarkably interesting and exciting custom works. Each painting I consider a masterpiece and each in its’ own right.

Original acrylic floral painting, "Buckets of Love", 18 x 24 in., by Barbara Simpson
Original painting, "Buckets of Love", 18 x .75 x 24 in. | 45.72 x 2 x 60.96 cm, by Barbara Simpson. Available. More details

Being authentic in my work is important to me. And, so I have learned over time, to art collectors in my Art World.  I am grateful for this following and loyal collectors. I have had numerous exhibitions and featured in several publications. I continue to evolve my art practice and every day I feel gratitude for all in my [creative] life. To live my dream of an artist in a professional capacity is an amazing feeling. Thank you and enjoy my Art World! – Barbara Simpson 

Floral, Tropical, Water/Landscape, Abstract, Sunsets, Fantasy

Enjoy Original Art

Whether you are new to starting your collection or you are a seasoned art collector, original fine art can and should be enjoyed by everyone.

Original acrylic painting, "Spring Hike (March 2016)", 24x30 in. by Barbara Simpson
Original painting, "Spring Hike", 24 in. x 30 in., by Barbara Simpson. Available. More details.
Original acrylic painting, "Summer Spirit I", 24 x 30 in., by Barbara Simpson
Original painting, "Summer Spirit", 24 in. x 30 in., by Barbara Simpson. Available. More details.

The Perfect Gift

Big or small, I paint them all. Affordable original art for every occasion, and every budget. Choose original fine art from a variety of sizes, styles and subjects. A gift they’re sure to love for years!

Fine Art for Every Space

Warm and cool palettes, calming to exhilarating, original artworks complementing every room in your home, office, and cottage – your environment.

A Glorious Day original acrylic by Canadian Artist, Barbara Simpson. Sold to business person and art collector in Western Canada.
Original painting, "A Glorious Day", 30 in. x 40 in., by Barbara Simpson, donning office wall of Calgary Life Coach & Motivational Speaker.

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