"An expression of my being and art 'through my eyes'."

Being My Authentic Self.....

Hello and Welcome to my website! My name is Barbara Simpson and I am a Canadian "Originals-Only" Artist, Photographer and writing enthusiast. Here is where you will discover my creative vision. To inspire, to paint and photograph in dynamic vivid colour is what I love to do, sharing my joy with the world. I was holding a crayon basically since I was a toddler, and graduating to the paint brush a decade into life. Since that time, creativity just keeps pouring out of me. There is so much to enjoy in life, FLOWERS, butterflies, and oh how I love the country in which I live, so many picturesque scenes to paint, and capture in photography. And here we are about to celebrate 150 years Canada!! Awesomeness!! I hope you enjoy my Art World. Thank you ...Make moments count. - Barbara

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Next to my Love, my Family, it is my art that my greatest love in life. 
Thank you .... Make moments count.


24 in. x 30 in.
Acrylic on Gallery Canvas
Sold Opening Night, plus more
during the 31st Pelham Art Festival
- Barbara Simpson

Originals-only (no prints) since 1998. 



"I am inspired by my loved ones, my environment, a range of music consisting of the blues, classical and jazz, and by Great Masters like Monet, O'Keeffe, Carr, Chagall, The Group of Seven, Tom Thomson and Rothko to name a few, and Photographer, Neil Dankoff. Adding my own creative flair, there is no one particular style of painting I enjoy more than another, nor do I want to limit my expression as an artist to just one. I enjoy painting from any of the tens of thousands of photographs I have taken, as well as, from my imagination, and from my travels painting 'plein-air'. I must admit, Picasso said it best,"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.", as the same holds true for me.  Take a tour with me through my website, my creative journey as an artist exhibiting my love for life in soulful floral and fauna, my love for travel within my own country and abroad, beauty in dreams, and the challenge of my ever-expanding visionary artistry. Painting is my gift which I feel so blessed to have. To be able to create in this way, connecting and communicating with many people, sharing with the world, it is an expression of my being and art 'through my eyes'.  I hope you enjoy your tour. Thank you and always with inspiration" -Barbara Simpson

Barbara's Creative Style


Since 1998, I have painted originals only, no prints, creating Fine Art of  mostly acrylic (some oil) paintings of various sizes with over 500 to date (2016).  I feel there are endless painting possibilities, with so very many settings, a plethora of ideas, and not to mention, when my imagination runs wild! "Originals-only" I shall remain. The only prints you will find in my work are in my photography. Commissions for painting and photography are welcome. Contact me today!



I enjoy painting almost anything. From motivational abstracts to scenic  sea and landscapes, pretty floral and fauna, seasonal and event themes, house and pet portraits. I'm captivated by something new in my work every time and of my subject. I always look forward to the next painting as that helps me grow and expand my horizons as an artist, and educate me in my subject.


Where the world is my oyster for subject matter, colour is music to my eyes! I love to paint in bold rich colours, the spectrum of the rainbow, really, and all the way through to calming hues! I use Liquitex soft and hard body paints, as well, mixing a variety of gels and mediums into my paintings. In photography, I shoot with a CANON EOS Rebel T6S with various sized lenses and filters. 

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