The following are some of many kind words and testimonials I have received from Art Collectors over the years. Not only do I feel blessed and grateful to each for they have helped support my dream as an "originals-only" Canadian artist, it is the excitement I hear in each collector's voice or letters I receive, whether they are new to my Art World or longstanding art collectors.

"I have admired Barbara’s artwork from afar and have promoted her work when opportunities came up through various events that she was participating in. I am a big believer in supporting your friends, family and small (or local) businesses when you are able. The painting that Barbara created was so beautiful to me and I loved it when I had the 1st opportunity to see it many years ago. In it I see an explosion of colour then motion each time and it gives me great joy as I enjoy this amazing artwork. I was very excited to have the opportunity this summer to purchase this painting for my home. Barbara loves what she does and it is evident in her artwork. When an opportunity arises that you could purchase one of her pieces of artwork for your own I encourage you to do it, Barbara’s generous heart and spirit will bless you in your journey."  New Collectors, 2019, (Innisfill Ontario)

"Hi Barbara, I received your package in good condition yesterday, it was well boxed ... selected a frame for the flower painting; can hardly wait to hang it next week. .... The paintings looked even better in person than I remembered them. I am excited to find a wall for them." New Collectors, Dundas Ontario (September 2019)

"I am the proud owner of “January Sunset Over Zephyrhills” I received this painting as a gift from someone very special to me, as the painting holds very sentimental value to me personally. Looking at this painting brings me back to my most favourite place in the whole world, where I cherish my fondest memories with my late Grandfather who I love and miss dearly. This photo captured the beautiful view that I now get to see everyday in my living room, and I always take moments to appreciate it and its immaculate beauty. Just as beautiful as the artist who painted it, I am in awe of how well done it is. I knew the moment that I saw it how much it meant to me, and how badly I wanted it – now, it is the first piece of art in my collection and can officially consider myself a “collector” which is pretty cool! - TM ham,ont July 20, 2019" (Hamilton Ontario)


Calgary Alberta


Trenton Ontario

I am just thrilled to see an artist who has such creativity and an eye for what gives us all joy. Barbara, your use of vibrant colours and your eye for the "simple pleasures" in life give me inspiration to want to be creative myself. I am excited to have bought a beautiful painting from you for my Mum and Dad's 50th anniversary! - Brighton Ontario

I am the proud owner of 'Cosmic Harmony' and almost the entire butterfly collection! When I first saw 'Cosmic Harmony' (which was during Barbara's first public art exhibit) I felt the painting calling my name! I did not get it at the time as it is an expensive piece. I decided to wait. A couple of years later I found out it was still available, and it called my name again! So I knew it was meant for me. It is now on display in my living room. Choosing a painting is very personal. I go with the how I feel about it, then visualize where it may go in my home. When the two factors synchronize, I decide to purchase. The butterfly is a very auspicious and prosperous symbol. So I like having as many of those around my home. It lifts my spirits and energizes my home with positive energy. - Calgary, Alberta

I have only had the pleasure of knowing Barbara's insight for a short period but have been overwhelmed by the views of our region and gardens. What a delight! We need more artists of this caliber in eastern Ontario. - Brockville, Ontario

Barbara's art comes from the heart. A creation that draws you in. Each is very different. An exciting artist. Thank you for this experience. One of your biggest fans! - Calgary, Alberta

I am the proud owner of the group of three paintings called, "Whimsical In Nature". They are exactly what I had in mind when I commissioned Barbara to create these originals. I cannot help but smile every time I view them. Thanks so much. - Niagara Falls, Ontario

We have hung your masterpiece and it looks beautiful. We feel very blessed to enjoy your art. - Calgary, Alberta

The painting, Enter The Dream I, reminded me of someone who I had lost in my life who will never have the opportunity for her own wedding, who will never attend the wedding of my daughter, Kelly, as her precious flower girl. This painting has bright, happy colours of red and blue. it makes me think of the beach wedding that I would prefer for myself at sunset, the ending of one life and beginning of a new one. - Calgary, Alberta

Mdme. Savard, Cap-Santé Quebec

The first painting I purchased was to support your dream because I really like your passion. The cards I purchased recently were, again, to support your dream, because your passion doesn't dim, and I really like that. I like the artwork/paintings, have never really been able to afford them (especially that first one! I was unemployed with no prospects at the time...) But, because of your zeal, I think that anyone who loves what they do, as much as you do, will be successful. In my own way, I want to be a part of helping to make that happen for you. I love how much you believe in yourself. It’s not a characteristic I see very often and almost never with the fervor that you have. In some ways, I think the talent and dream directs you far more than you know. I think it is your destiny to reach for this. - Albuquerque , New Mexico

Mdme. Savard, Cap-Santé Quebec

I have known Barbara for a long time. Since knowing her for this time she always talks, wishes and dreams about being an artist. The more she applied herself to her dream of painting, the more she fell in love with it. She went as far as to quit her job and move (from Alberta to Ontario) where she could pursue her dream of painting full-time. As the paintings came out I found them to be delightful and pleasurable. I went on to owning some of her art, some of the pieces I found to be unique and very inspiring. Her paintings show how much imagination she has and able to put it on canvas which shows how great an artist she’s becoming. - Cochrane, Alberta

Barbara, your art has meaning for your collectors… a meaning that brings light and strength to each new day, as the sun, a bright light in this troubled world. The richness of colour and imagery prompts deep thought, and reflection of the good and beautiful surroundings we have… a real pleasure for all to view. Success finds those who aspire to the wonders we are blessed with, whether unusual in nature, or thought. Hope these words convey a message to you about the appreciation for your art that I feel each day. I love it! - Calgary, Alberta

Dear Friend: You have introduced me to your art world a few years ago. Your way of capturing the moment was revealed to me the day we had dinner at Indochine Restaurant. You picked up the flowers that were adorning our plates, you placed them in such a way that the week after it became one of your paintings, "Indochine". You saw the painting  and you just followed your instinct. Your talent amazes still. - Cap Sante, Quebec

Barbara, your site is looking very professional. We are intrigued with your photography venture and believe it will add further substance to your site and personal satisfaction. Excellent!! (Ottawa, ON)

I absolutely love your abstract paintings! Great use of colour and composition. Continue to create and inspire! - Toronto, Ontario

To purchase your art is like the collector having a piece of you. Your moods come through when you do your creations, dark colours - darker mood, brilliant colours - happier times. Even though some may not see that, it isn't until after talking to you and you give the story behind the painting does it become very apparent how you were feeling, at that time. Everyone is attracted to different times of your different moods. Not everyone likes the same thing in paintings, you give them a choice. Just like one painting I have with the rainbow which brought me to a very sad time in my life, but it was still beautiful to me. It gave me comfort. Must say my favorites are probably your florals, they are always so nice and bright and I like that. One can't help but smile when looking at them. We always knew you could do this, it is such a passion in you that you put on canvas. Have faith in yourself and what it is you so desperately want to do. - Calgary, Ontario