Rhythmic Portrayal, representative, my renditions of musical moments in time. To begin with one, for me, the Blues. I do love Blues music and incorporating it into my work from events attended and a new subject in my repertoire of original artworks. Expanding my horizons beyond my comfort zone, I always welcome a fun challenge such as this one. I enjoy many kinds of music and attending such live events or concerts and here is where you will find them, on this page of my painting diary, as they are completed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Though, I will include the backstory for each, as they come to life in my painting diary. Original, unique, one-of-a-kind and available for collection. There are no prints. See a painting that jumps out at you? Contact me today. Originals-Only (no prints) Since 1998. All works of Barbara Simpson are authenticated.

 NEW (AUG 2019) BB King's All-Star Blues Band

24"x36"x1.5, acrylic t/w iridescent gold, silver and brass / gloss varnish finish; unframed, sides painted, ready to hang; available for collection.

This was such an exciting piece to paint! With exciting energetic oranges and of course, blues, all while listening to BB King in the background, my newest masterpiece comes to life. Backstory: While in Nashville last year August, my sweetheart and I were very interested in checking out the Blues scene during our stay. He and I both love the Blues and especially 'live'! Well, we sure got our fix and both of us were over-the-top surprised to hear this band play at, none other than, BB King's Blues Club right downtown in Nashville. WOW and AMAZING are two words to describe the sounds of the BB King's All-Star Blues Band and we highly recommend seeing (hearing) them, if you haven't already. You will not be disappointed! We spent our Anniversary dining, dancing too, at BB King's and enjoyed our time, immensely. Al Stewart who heads up the band came over to our table for awhile and chatted with us; really nice man, talented too; they all are! The entire band was awesome, fabulously talented, and definitely on our list to see again when in Nashville next. An amazing lasting impression absolutely, so, I had to paint my rendition of this incredible moment, adding to my painting diary. The saxophone is highlighted with iridescent gold as is the outline of the BB King sign at the top and around the frame of the picture on the wall. The mics and stands and guitar strings are highlighted with iridescent silver. And there is bronze iridescent highlighted in the shadows of the instruments. I am so pleased with the final touches on this painting and how amazing the colours, especially the iridescent ones look in evening light !! Thank you to BB King's All-Star Blues Band for your inspiration!  

Originals-Only (no prints) Since 1998