"An expression of my being and art 'through my eyes'."
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Fine Art is an investment. Along with my family, my art is my life. My paintings can be found in numerous private collections across North America and overseas. Please read what some of my collector's have to say here. As it is always important to know your artist, please feel free to ask me questions? Email me here or message me on Facebook. I am happy to answer your questions. Painting is my life and I would be happy to paint something specially unique for you.
Barbara's Creation Process... "Aside from studying my subject, which can consume a considerable amount of time, when I am ready to begin my painting, I usually begin with a yellow wash or charcoal or pastel to map out the shapes.   Sometimes I sketch a series of small thumbnails prior to the wash.  I continue by building with paint, working my way around the canvas. I continue to study my materials and subject matter as the years go by as our environment changes too. I open to painting a variety of subjects, though, flowers, landscapes and abstract I gravitate to most. A constant study of my subjects and of colour and the bountiful ways I can create go into each unique masterpiece, the following go into creating my paintings and original I shall remain" - Barbara Simpson 1998

Supplies Paints and Tools

Professional Liquitex artist-grade paints (heavy & soft body) have served me well since 1998 and used in my paintings, including "Fortress Mountain" (left) 24" x 24", owned by Calgary, AB Collectors. I use a variety of knives and brushes (my fave size brush is 5/8" no matter the size of canvas), on canvas stretched on self-built wood frames, already-made canvases, on wood or boards. Tools I used in this painting were palette knifes and 5/8" flat brush. Left: Fortress Mountain, 24 x 24, Acrylic; Private Collection - Calgary AB.
I prefer building my own frames by stretching the canvas and priming at least twice before painting, but I also paint on quality already-made and primed canvases, many of them gallery-wrapped; all are archival quality. My imagination, a moment in time, scenic views, flowers and other topics are instrumental elements that go into my paintings, together with great passion. 

With a vision in mind, images real or not, shapes, lines, colour, zest, and much desire and inspiration from many sources all go into my original works, as in "Cosmic Harmony" (left) 30" x 36" owned by Calgary, AB Collectors.  Many of my paintings I may use a variety of photographs to put together the composition, if not from my imagination. Left: Cosmic Harmony, 30 x 36, Acrylic, Private Collection - Calgary AB. [Inspired by my Mom.]
I all enjoy painting in different styles, testing my creative ability. Since 1998 I have been creating originals-only, mostly in acrylics. Landscapes, travel and interest, floral beauty, expressionistic abstract and tropical escapes hold account for the diary of my life depicted in pictures rather than words. There are no prints of my paintings, since 1998, remaining original-only; For your home, office, or cottage, join other Collectors and invest in my fine art today. 





The best of quality in sands, minerals, pastes, gels, amethyst, shells, and other media go into giving some of my paintings texture.  In the painting,  "Act of Kindness" (left), 8" x 10", Acrylic; Private Collection - Brockville ON molding paste was mixed into the paint to create these three-dimensional flowers.  



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