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You will notice I paint a great deal of flowers. Yes, I love my flowers. Doesn't everyone love flowers? They make my world go 'round - on our balcony, in our gardens, from family and friends, and many from my amazing man - my sweetheart - into a painting they go.

Still, I also enjoy painting abstracts, tropical, portraits, fantasy, landscapes and waterscapes - places I have lived or have visited, and more. I am literally moved into a spiritual connection when it comes to water, sunsets too. The bottom line my art loving friends, I LOVE TO PAINT!!  - Barbara Simpson

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What does Barbara Simpson offer?

AFFORDABLE QUALITY FINE ART. For over two decades, I have been painting and offering affordable quality fine art acrylic paintings, originals-only (no prints).  This is my promise, remaining 'original' (no prints) and 'quality' for paintings produced and acquired.  Collectors of my work have deemed this very important over the years knowing they have the one and only of its kind and the quality of supplies used.

I am a Professional Artist, meaning, I use Professional Artist Grade paints and products, by Liquitex.

Professional Artist Grade paints offer highest rated pigments and UV-resistance.

Are they more expensive? Yes! But they are the BEST! I only use the best products in my work.

Learn about Professional Artist-Grade supplies and more at https://www.liquitex.com

Barbara's style?  Simply put, I am 'not restricted' to painting one size, one subject, one style or one technique. My portfolio and experience  demonstrates my diversity and as a result, I am grateful for the varied commission work I receive. I pride myself on being a diversified professional artist and I have discovered that my loyal collector-base likes this too. For as long as I can remember, I have absolutely loved painting - with extreme colour! I have a bold romantic relationship with colour. 

FYI, Colour Theory was one of the most demanding courses I have studied to date. In the same breath, it is also by far one of the best courses I have taken. I highly recommend it to any artist or any person with interest to become an artist, or study the science of colour.

Barbara's supplies? Completely professional and of quality. I want my work to be enjoyed for years into the future. Liquitex Professional Heavy and Soft Body Artist-Grade paints and a variety of media go into my creations since I began in 1998, as well as the use of quality cotton canvas or pine wood, and other supplies as required. In fact, some are quite precious! 

I deem the finishing touches important too - with or without a frame. Should you decide on framing, depending on your location, I can recommend quality framers I have used (Alberta and Ontario). Although, the majority of my work is ready to hang and acquired and hung without framing.

It is equally important to note the paint and finish I use on my work will sustain its original colour and not yellow over time - staying tried, tested and true. As a matter of fact, paintings completed 20 years ago look like they were painted in all their brilliance in recent days.

Professional Artist Quality paints offer longevity and light-fastness and other important factors.

As a result, they will stand the test of time.

I am a professional artist, using Professional Artist Grade paints and supplies made by Liquitex. This company was not only first on the art scene for such acrylic paints, it has a successful history being one of the best on the market. And notably, Liquitex publicly acknowledges their Ethics and Sustainability on their website, and I like that!  Check it out here, https://www.liquitex.com/row/our-story/our-ethics/

So, while looking at and buying art can be fun and exciting, get to know the artist and supplies used. Speaking from experience, I do and know because I collect original fine art too.  Remember, original fine art is an investment and you want it to last.

Protecting your investment - by Barbara Simpson

"Quality fine art, in my opinion, is a luxury item which lends itself to the personality of environments together with adding interesting conversation. I take great pride in my work. Collectors have expressed my work as a luxury item. I have to say that it is a beautiful experience for me to visit Collectors on occasion (when in their geographical location) to see and feel their enthusiasm as they take me through their homes to show placement of my work. It truly is a very heartwarming experience for me, to say the least. I feel honoured and deeply grateful.

For quality fine art as a luxury item, an investment, it is very important to keep important documents - for insurance purposes and when artworks are handed down. Assurance of quality professional artist-grade paints and supplies should be acknowledged too. In my art business, it has been my due diligence since day one to produce high quality fine art with quality art supplies, as well as provide a receipt for every purchase for those reasons; a receipt, just one of the important records you will receive upon acquiring my original fine art. Note: You should always receive a receipt for original fine art purchased. Not only does this assure the value of the painting at time of purchase, it assists in the protection of your investment for insurance purposes as well as value purposes when handed down in estates and or future owners. Additionally, you should find out exactly what went into the making of the painting (including types of supplies) that you are considering to purchase.

Like any art collector, I want to know what I am investing in and that includes knowing that quality supplies went into the making of each piece. Again like any art collector, I want to know that my investment lasts well into future generations and as I had down my purchases. In my experience (of collecting), sadly, I have declined purchases due to learning low-end supplies went into the making of some paintings; there is no longevity or other invaluable facts that low-end paints (unlike professional artist-grade paints) offer. Low end paints will deteriorate over time and as a result, not last. That is not an investment. A receipt along with other important documentation is provided with all purchases of Barbara Simpson original works.

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or new to collecting, I am certain to have something for you. And if not, I would be delighted to paint something specially for you. When purchasing original art, in my opinion, it is important to yet to know your artist and know that quality supplies and craftsmanship went into your painting investment." - Barbara Simpson

Hover your mouse over the Gallery dropdown box above to choose from a variety of subjects. Each subject includes paintings available for sale. See a painting you love? A painting that speaks to you? Have to have it?? Contact me today and avoid disappointment.  

The painting you like is already sold, now what? You really loved one or a few. Yes, I know, there is one-and-only one. What I have learned over the past two plus decades, my loyal collectors like that about my work. They love the fact that the have the one-and-only of its kind and that there are no prints out there of it. I am specialized in my work that way, originals-only (no prints) remaining authentic in my work. However, no worries! I can paint something similar (not the same) and specially for YOU!  Contact me here and let's get started!

Add to your collection or begin one today. Take a peek at my Gallery option at the top of this page and select from a variety of one-of-a-kind paintings available for sale from the categories in the drop down box. Contact me to secure the painting you really love and avoid disappointment. Original art because after all you are original too. - Barbara Simpson

We have hung your masterpiece and it looks beautiful! We feel very blessed to enjoy your art. - JH, Calgary Alberta




Cosmic Passion, 24" x 36", Owned by Collector

Cosmic Desire, 24" W x 36", Owned by Collector

My Bliss Flows I, 24" x 24", Owned by Collector

"Yes indeed I LOVE Georgia O'Keeffe and Emily Carr! Not only for they shared their beautiful stories in their artistic ways, but for their independent strength as female artists of their time, in a time of a man's world during that time." - Barbara Simpson  (1998)

"Yes, it is very important to me to remain "original" in my work and use quality supplies. My Collectors like that too. Painting in one style or technique is not of interest to me either just as painting only one subject. There is just so much beauty in the world that surrounds and I want to paint that. Am I breaking rules by painting in a variety of styles, techniques and subjects? No, I am merely pushing boundaries and I am an artist being my authentic self." - Barbara Simpson (2003)

"Marrying the styles of Emily Carr and Tom Thomson, two iconic Canadian painters I absolutely love, has been one of the best painting challenges I have received and continue to accept. Thank you!" - Barbara Simpson (2017)

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