Community Involvement

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be able to give to charities close to my heart through my art, in various cities. I have moved a few times since I started my art business, beginning in Calgary, to Brockville, and onward to St. Catharines. However, it seems like only yesterday when my amazing creative venture began.

With persistence and zeal, I would make it as an artist instilled in my head, and over 21 years later (since 1998 and enormous thanks for the support of many wonderful people around me, family, friends, art enthusiasts and collectors alike), I continue to live my dream as a full-time professional 'Originals-Only' Canadian Artist.

I absolutely love living my passion everyday, being an artist. At the same time, I recognize how wonderful the opportunities working in amazing corporations and companies prior provided me exceptional and demanding careers to learn much about business; great mentors along the way. When I look back at all I have done in my life so far, those jobs certainly have helped me to where I am today in business. Being an artist, to me, it is the best job ever! Together with community involvement opportunities, sure makes my creative venture all the more interesting and rewarding. 

Additional to what is shown on this page (engaging in some really awesome work together with United Way, Easter Seals of Canada, Upper Canada District School Board, Grenville Christian College, Palliative Care, and Community Primary and Health Care, and of late - 2017-2019 to date!), I have been giving through my art to Heart & Stroke during the Christmas season and to  Pelham Libraries toward students enrolled in art programs by means of sales from exhibiting over the Mother's Day weekend and in recent times (2019), Canadian Blood Services I've added to my repertoire of Community Involvement, with a portion of my sales going go to this important organization at year-end. Notably, this organization helped me in a time of need and saved my life. Whilst I am regular blood donor, being a part of Canada's LifeLine, I am happy to help this organization through what I am so passionate about in my life, my art.

Whether it is time or money, or in other ways, I think there is always a way to help.  Regardless of how much or little, it makes a huge and very positive difference all around.

- Barbara Simpson

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