"Learning never exhausts the mind." - Leonardo da Vinci

Primarily, I am a self-taught artist. Being my own person and creatively expressing myself has been concurrent throughout my life. Nonetheless, over the years it was important to me to take art classes and hone my skills. The fundamentals of art, art expression, colour theory and art history, all are invaluable to me. Continuous study is every day in one form or another. I am constantly (daily) studying one area or another of art. Education has invariably been a sound staple in my life and equally encouraged by my parents since day one when I started Kindergarten; I am grateful for that. So, whether I am studying a new technique, venturing on a new project, or reading from one of the numerous art-related books in my growing art library at home, in my books - in a matter of speaking - every day is a good day to learn something new.

The following comprises of the best courses I have taken to date working toward my Fine Art accreditation. Facilitated (for the most part) by two very remarkable instructors I've had the opportunity to learn from and attribute toward my success today, I first studied under the amazing and influential Janusz Malinowski (RIP) in Calgary. Attentive and profound in his wise words I will always remember and carry throughout my life as an artist. Secondly, I was guided by the enlightening and knowledgeable Andrea Mossop-Green in Brockville. Having the wonderful privilege of modeling for Life Drawing classes facilitated by Andrea Mossop-Green allowed me an invaluable advantage and experience learning from the other side of the easel - as a subject rather than a student, still considering the opportunity as a student. It is with gratitude each and every day that I recognize every teacher (in and out of a school, living or passed) for their instruction, direction, inspiration and encouragement - all that has lead me to be the artist I am today. - Barbara Simpson

2006-2014 - St. Lawrence College FAC program, Brockville Ontario

FAC ADV. PAINTING: MODERN MASTERS, Spare Expressive Space: Marsden Hartley, Edward Hopper; Influence: Peter Doig
FAC ADV. PAINTING: MODERN MASTERS, Superb Colourists: Gauguin, Bonnard, Matisse; influence: Peter Doig
Life Model for Life Drawing Classes, Instructor: Andrea Mossop-Green (ability to hold pose up to 50 minutes)

Life Model for Life Drawing Classes, Instructor: Andrea Mossop-Green
Interior Design and Display

FAC ADV. PAINTING: Monet - Painting Water Lilies
FAC ADV. PAINTING:Techniques-Transparency & Glazing
FAC ADV. PAINTING: Marc Chagall 2010 Applied Communications

FAC ADV. OIL PAINTING: Painting like the Masters: The Direct Approach
FAC ADV. OIL PAINTING: Painting like the Masters: Canadian and American Realists
FAC ADV. OIL PAINTING: Painting like the Masters: Turner, Whistler, Monet
FAC Colour Theory
FAC Life Drawing & Figure Painting
FAC Introduction to Nature Photography

Art & Picture Framing

FAC Art History & Appreciation II  (facilitated by Nancy Robertson)
FAC Art History & Appreciation I (facilitated by Nancy Robertson)
FAC Painting & Drawing Colour Theory I
FAC Painting & Drawing III
FAC Painting & Drawing II

FAC Painting & Drawing I
FAC Restrictive Elective: When Georgia Meets Tom

1998-2004 Calgary, Alberta

Self-Publishing, Mount Royal College (facilitated by Claire Scott, Self-Publishing Author)

Portfolio Development, University of Calgary
Honour Graduate Travel & Tourism Certification (2 year program completed in 9 months), Mount Royal College (now University)

Making Art Your Business, University of Calgary

Painting With Acrylics, Mount Royal College (now University)

1979 - 1983 Bramalea, Ontario
Fine Arts Studies & History, North Park

- Continuous self exploration through reading, research, experimentation and travel.

CARFAC National - the VOICE for professional artists; a member in good-standing since 1998.