"Follow your heart. Dreams come true. " - Barbara Simpson (1998)



Born in Longueuil Chambly Quebec, Barbara Simpson is primarily a self-taught artist with her creative ability surfacing at the early age of 10. She was raised on beautiful Georgian Bay in Victoria Harbour Ontario. Following, she moved much with her family and on her own. Her formal education includes fine art studies through her junior high years in Seguin Texas, her high school years in Bramalea Ontario, and later post secondary training at Mount Royal and University of Calgary in Alberta. Leaving a corporate life and 22 years in Calgary Alberta in 2005, Barbara ventured back to Ontario where she continued fine art studies at St. Lawrence College in Brockville Ontario and where she reveled in modeling for Life Drawing classes (with the ability to hold a pose for up to 50 minutes!) Participating as a model gave Barbara a different perspective from the other side of the easel and assisted in her creative quest. Through her minimal years of instruction Barbara is grateful to all of her mentors and feels that each have been inspirational and influential in her success today. Today, Barbara is a full-time artist residing near the world-renowned Niagara Falls in St. Catharines Ontario with the love of her life, Craig, who is endlessly supportive and constantly challenging her next original adventure at the easel. 

Community Involvement

Over the years, various of Barbara's paintings have been auctioned in fundraisers helping charities close to her heart, such as, The United Way and the Upper Canada District School Board as well as TV appearances on TV-Cogeco during solo-exhibitions during the 2009 Palliative Care Telethon in Brockville ON and 2010 Easter Seals Telethon at the K-Rock Centre (now Leon's Centre) in Kingston ON. View more here.

Fusing Art History and Authenticity

Barbara's painting style varies from old-style impressionism to fauvism, contemporary, abstract, lyrical abstraction and painterly to photo-realism and expressionism. Some could even say, avant-garde to a certain degree, a hallmark of modernism with a bold romantic relationship with colour. She is inspired by a myriad of artists throughout time and she states that she is not interested in restricting her creativity to 'just one' style or subject matter. She is authentic in her work, fusing what she has learned from the past together with her own forte, therefore, making her work her own. Diverse in her dexterity and numerous subjects has allowed Barbara to accept a variety of commission works. From business corporate, to avant-garde for two decades, Barbara Simpson considers her journey as an "originals-only" professional artist to be a rewarding and enjoyable way of living life. Following her heart and sharing her bliss with the world, Barbara has gained a notable following across North America and into Europe which continues to grow.

Painting above: Rhythm and Blues, 20" x 20", acrylic, Owned by Collector

"I have only had the pleasure of Barbara's insight for a short period but overwhelmed by the views of our region and gardens. What a delight! We need more artists of this caliber in Eastern Ontario."  - SJ (Brockville ON)

Painting above: Serendipitous With Mozart, 24" x 30", acrylic/gloss on gallery-wrapped canvas, Available. Text not included. Contact Artist

"I am asked often if I have a favourite, what is my colour? I hesitate and often reply, 'Do I have to just pick one?' ...I simply love colour. My favourite colour is Joy." - Barbara Simpson