"Stimulating colour palettes pleasing to the eyes and warmly felt in the heart." - Barbara Simpson


I enjoy watching animals in their environments. Most of the types of animals I paint are pets (commissioned) as well as animals found in their natural environments on my travels. I normally paint from a series of photographs I have personally taken. Such photographs were used for the paintings on this page and inspired by excursions together my amazing man in various locations in Florida. Each painting brimming with shapes, colours, enthusiasm, movement, meaning from my heart and a story of their own.  More Animal Lover paintings to come, so please visit again!  Is there an animal painting you would like to be created for your own, all commission work is considered!  Each painting is original, unique, one-of-a-kind and available for collection. There are no prints. Do you see a painting you absolutely want? Contact me today. Originals-Only (no prints) Since 1998. All works of Barbara Simpson are authenticated.

TURTLES (So Happy Together)

30" W x 40" H Acrylic / High Gloss Varnish on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas / Vintage Gold Gilded frame as shown; Available. Contact Artist

GIRAFFES (Always With You)

18" W X 24" H Acrylic / Satin Varnish on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas / Espresso Wooden and gold moulding with gold fillet and edge as shown; Available Contact Artist

Originals-Only (no prints) Since 1998

Commission Barbara