Hello and Welcome to my Art World!!

If this is your first time visiting, you're in for an inspiriting, colourful and joyful experience! And if you're visiting again, you will see new colourful, joyful, unparalleled original artworks. Either way, influenced by experiences in my life, people who continue to fill my life with joy (past and present) and my mad love affair with colour, this is what you will find in my online repertoire.

Since 1998, I have been painting, exclusively, one-of-a-kind artworks, in the acrylic medium. You will not find any prints in my work; completely original. Being authentic in my work is important to me and to art collectors in my Art World. My work is about colour and the relationship among colours. My work appears unrepresentative, even random, at times, but a balanced composition clearly planned, for any subject I paint. I have had numerous exhibitions and featured in several  prestigious publications, among a great deal of other exciting events and celebrations in my artistry. As with any business, I continue to evolve my art practice and every day feel gratitude for much in my life, including the support of my following and active loyal art collectors and art enthusiasts in my Art World.

My work fluctuates between impressionism and abstract, each challenging and rewarding in its own way. I love the historical painting techniques from great painting masters like Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Carr, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh, to name a few and at times desire the kind of focus it brings me. In contrast, my abstract work allows me to be flexible and express myself to work more spontaneously with vibrant and evocative imagination, which I also need at times.

My online portfolio includes unmatched original fine artworks for home, cottage, business and office, and that fine one-and-only gift you are looking for any special occasion. Choose from picturesque Canadian, American and Mexican water/landscapes, amorous flowers, spirited abstracts, sensational sunsets, and other themes that grab my zest for life. Each painting I consider a masterpiece and each in its own right; a variety of subjects, in a variety of sizes and on different surfaces. I have a connection to many styles and techniques while being my authentic self. My work is solely "an expression of my being and art 'through my eyes'." All commission work is considered and completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Thank you for stopping in. Peruse my website at your leisure and enjoy my Art World!

Always with inspiration and creatively yours,
- Barbara Simpson


Art Therapy: Spiritual Healing Through Artist Expression by Barbara

Evolved from strong emotional moments and journeys in my life and through the influence of my dreams, my passion to paint encourages me to explore deep within myself and create from these idyllic moments. Since a few years before the turn of the new millennium I became more in-tune with my higher being, or 'spiritual self'. Through the connection and inspiration of people around me, and through acquiring greater knowledge of a spiritual world and an understanding of colour and its effect in our everyday lives, I feel blessed with the ability to express myself in an artistic way. My paintings define my individuality, along with my vibrant personality. Influenced by the styles of great masters passed, such as, O'Keeffe, Monet, Renoir, Manet, Carr, The Group of Seven and Gauguin, to name a few. I love bold colour with a style to call my own, representing my "joie de vivre". My work is considered upbeat, warm and flattering to the eye. I prominently work with acrylic paints and have experimented with other media; pen and ink, charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oil. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, including abstract and portraiture, although, most of my work features water/landscapes and flora. At a young age I was exposed to a life of travel that I grew to appreciate. I love to travel and experience cultures abroad, or to be a tourist in my own hometown. There is a spiritual connection between my soul and water, and from this, my desire to be around this element soothes my soul, finding peace within. I love all realms of the art world, including writing, photography and music, but painting is my true love. I take great pride in my work, which provides the world the rare opportunity to view life "through my eyes"; a point of view I'm sure you'll find both unique and compelling.


Barbara Simpson is an accomplished full-time Canadian artist born in Quebec, raised in Ontario. She is primarily self-taught with her artistic ability surfacing at the early age of 10. Her formal education includes fine art studies through her junior years (1977-1979) at Joe F Saegart Middle School in Seguin TX, her high school years at North Park Secondary in Bramalea ON and post-secondary training at Mount Royal College (now University) and University of Calgary (Alberta). After moving back to Ontario (2005), Barbara continued her Fine Art studies at St. Lawrence College (Brockville on). At that time, she also enjoyed modeling for various Life Drawing classes at St. Lawrence College, with the ability to hold a pose for up to 50 minutes! In or out of school, Barbara considers each day a learning experience, "there is always something new to learn."

Through her minimal years of instruction all of her mentors have been inspirational and influential. Barbara's paintings have been auctioned in fundraisers helping charities like The United Way and Upper Canada District School Board. She has held TV appearances on TV-Cogeco during solo-exhibitions and fundraising events and featured in several local newspaper publications, Synchronicity Magazine, as well as Galleries - a guide to Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area art galleries. In May 2012, her floral painting, "The Wonder of You" was featured Southwest Art  (SWA) and she was also featured in the August 2013 edition of SWA, special section of "Women in Art" and in the September 2013 edition, "Nationally Emerging Artists". Inspired by many artists throughout Art History, Barbara's painting style varies between impressionism and abstract (and much in between) stating she does not want to restrict herself or her creativity to 'just one' while remaining authentic and making her work her own. Barbara is diverse in her painting ability and subject matter and this allows her to receive and complete a variety of custom/commission works.

Since 1998, as a professional artist, Barbara considers her journey to be a rewarding and enjoyable way of living life and share her joy with the world. She hopes to inspire others who have a passion to paint; "Follow your heart. Dreams come true." she has been saying she started her art business in 1998 and "Make moments count." words she continues to live by, in art and in life. Barbara currently works and resides in St. Catharines Ontario alongside the love of her life, he who loves to challenge her at the easel, and she continues her passion to paint "Originals-Only".


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