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"An expression of my being and art 'through my eyes'."


Hello and welcome to my art world! And, if you have been here before, thank you for visiting again! This is my story: Captivated by colour from my first sign of life, childhood memories - oh how I love them! Colouring books were my favourite gifts when I was young child. Always eager to get into my stocking on Christmas morning, I would quickly find my new colouring book and box of crayons and find the first of many that I would do that Christmas day. At the age of 10, when I saw a very large box of crayons fall out of my stocking, I was to the moon and back about all the new pretty colours! I must have coloured more than half my colouring book that Christmas day and I am most certain my Mom and Dad had to pry me away to sit down for Christmas dinner. This is where it all began, my zest for colour and creativity. In my early years, I was encouraged by both of my parents, both who were also creative in drawing and writing, to pursue my interests and be my own person - with education being a sound staple. Through the years into my teens and adulthood, my interests changed dramatically as I engaged myself in a variety of studies outside of art, business and travel being on the forefront, and intramural sports. Still, a part of me always returned to my artistry as for four decades in my pursuit of what I was always passionate about, I experimented with a variety of media: oil paints, watercolours, pen and ink, charcoal, pastel and a variety of pencils. Since 1998, I continue to remain original, painting "Originals-Only", no prints, in the acrylic medium.  Learn more about my journey as an artist from the Bio link above. Thank you and enjoy my passion! - Barbara

"From scenic Canadian, American and Mexican landscapes, to flirty floral compositions, lyrical abstraction, pet portraits, and other themes that grab my zest for life, I am open to the multitude of subjects and styles to paint. There is so much beauty to paint in life!"

Paintings in Progress

Valentine's Day & Every Day Romantic


To capture the beauty in life together with my experiences in my painting diary. To inspire all who have a desire to paint. To create beautiful gifts for the simple to elaborate tastes. Equal to my own personal quest, I relish in creating original paintings for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, for environments of diverse decor, sharing my joy with the world.

Painting: Lovely In Lavender (I Only Have Eyes For You), acrylic/gloss varnish on 3 gallery-wrapped canvases (each 12" x 36" x 1.5") , $2,300- Contact Artist

"I am the proud owner of 'Cosmic Harmony' and almost the entire butterfly collection! When I first saw Cosmic Harmony (which was during Barbara's first public art exhibit) I felt the painting calling my name!" - VP (Calgary Alberta)

Read more from this loyal collector here.


My diversity has allowed me to take on unique commissioned works for a variety of clients and businesses who have become loyal collectors, such as, for one, this painting on a hand-carved Mexican mask. Being trusted to paint on a unique work of art already and so beautiful, was an honour to me. My clients were thrilled with my creation and it dons their outdoor lounge of their residence on the St. Lawrence River in Maitland Ontario.

This is just one of many unique pieces I have had the pleasure of painting. If you have a unique painting in mind, I would love to hear about it and paint it for you. Commission work is welcome. Let's discuss it! Contact Artist here.

"I am the proud owner of the group of three paintings called 'Whimsical in Nature'. They are exactly what I had in mind when I commissioned Barbara to create these originals. I cannot help but smile whenever I view them. Thanks so much." BC (Niagara Falls Ontario)

Established in January 1998.

Over 500 original paintings completed.

Loyal and growing collector-base in 5 countries, in 25 cities, on 2 continents.

Nicotiana (Red Perfume at Trius). 24" W x 3o" H, Acrylic, Owned by Collector.

Celebrating 20 Years of Colourful Bliss!

It was at the beginning of the month, in December 1997, I thought about what I might give myself for my birthday. Every year it was some 'thing'. This particular year, however, I did not want a material item (i.e., a new pair of earrings or a new dress). I wanted something different and educational, tangible to my heart, something that would make a difference. I have always loved education so, I thought about what I always enjoyed as a kid. Not that I didn't enjoy my job in the corporate world at the time (I did!) Only, I felt the need to grow internally. 

I was living in Calgary Alberta at the time. I saw a Mount Royal calendar sitting in a pile of papers on the dining room table.  As I browsed it, I found Painting With Acrylics starting in January 1998. This piqued my interest! It was exactly what I was looking for!! I signed up right away, completed the six classes that began almost right away, and I have to say that this was the best gift I could have ever given myself! These were the best classes (all six of them) with the most fascinating instructor, Janusz Malinowski (RIP), to set my course straight.

Now, 20 years later and what seems like only yesterday, is truly a blessing that has come to life. I am a full-time professional artist and I am living my dream.  January 1998 is when I began my journey as a professional artist and I have not looked back. Anyone pursuing a dream, I say, "Follow your heart. Dreams come true."  It's never too late and there is no time like the present, as it is said. I feel that when we are truly passionate about something and work hard at it everyday, it is possible to live the dream.  - Barbara Simpson 

Barbara Simpson, a professional artist and a member of CARFAC since 1998.

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