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Originals-Only (no prints) since 1998

Greetings and Welcome to my Art World!

If this is your first time visiting, you're in for an inspiriting, colourful and joyful experience! If you're visiting again, you will see new colourful, joyful, original works. Either way, influenced by experiences in my life, people who continue to fill my life with joy (past and present) and my mad love affair with colour, this is what you will find in my online repertoire.

Since 1998, I have been painting, exclusively, one-of-a-kind artworks, in the acrylic medium. You will not find any prints in my work; completely original. Being authentic, in rectitude, in my being and in my work is important to me and to art collectors in my Art World. I love what I do. I absolutely love my job as an 'originals-only' artist!

My work is about colour and the relationship among colours. My work appears unrepresentative, even random, at times, but a balanced composition clearly planned, for any subject I paint. I have had numerous solo, group and public exhibitions and featured in a variety of prestigious publications among many exciting events and celebrations. As with any other successful business, I continue to evolve my art practice. Every day I feel gratitude for much in my life, including the support of my following, active loyal art collectors and art enthusiasts in my Art World. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your visit! Read more here

Barbara Simpson's Response to COVID-19  (Updated: March 18, 2020)

“HEALTH IS WEALTH” - Ralph Waldo Emerson (1860)

Dear Valued Clients, Art Collectors and Family of Barbara Simpson Art World,

In times of uncertainty, I feel the need to reach out and inform what I am doing to keep my business safe. Health is wealth, always, and it is important for everyone to be safe. For the record, I AM healthy, I have no symptoms and want to remain that way, you too! We at home, are healthy. I am keeping updated by the news and advice provided by the officials of the World Health Organization, by our Prime Minister and Public Health Agency - Government of Canada These trusted sources provide accurate and most up-to-date information – stating the facts. All social interactions with anyone outside of home ceased Fri Mar 13, 2020 - any/all special events included, most of which have been suspended or canceled, and any/all travel plans have been cancelled. Please note:
1. Once an improved comfort level regarded has been announced (in Canada and the world) for business meetings in person along with social activities I will give an update at that time. That said, I am still open for business. My Art World business carries onward and upward. If we were to meet or you have a painting inquiry, please contact me here with your inquiry, to start. Alternate options are available to be in touch and I will coordinate with you.
2. At this time, I am only accepting custom work and shipping artworks within Canada, until further notice. I am very sorry for any inconvenience.
3. Similarly, any art supplies and packing supplies I have for packaging my work, I consider safe. I keep a strong clean-regime already, in my home/studio, best practices for a safe working environment, and  I am taking every extra precautionary measure of regularly cleaning every day, more than usual. Cleanliness is more than ever paramount during this time. This pandemic is extreme (very serious!) and every precautionary measure is important and should be adhered by all. As the saying goes, leave no stone unturned, better safe than sorry.
For anyone not feeling well, a tiny headache, slightest of a sore throat, a cold, or even the tiniest of sniffles, please stay home. Pour a big glass of OJ (lots of Vitamin C), drink green, chamomile or peppermint tea (many benefits in each) and homemade soup, keep warm and get some rest, catch up on some reading or movies, and feel better. Staying away from people at this time is high on my list. I appreciate your understanding, and taking care of yourself and respecting the advice from officials - aka social distancing.


The lengths this virus has impacted the world to date, economically too with every industry feeling the repercussions - professional working artists included, is beyond devastating. At the same time, remembering “health is wealth”, with everyone sticking to the facts and following the official advice, guidelines and personal hygiene, as well as avoiding social activities, and particularly staying home or away from others if not feeling well, this will help the spread the virus while scientific and medical professionals find a solution to control it and with hope, a vaccine to cure it. I am committed to doing my part to be a part of the solution. Be a part of the solution too.  Websites of trusted sources: World Health Organization and Public Health Agency – Government of Canada. 

In closing, feeling blessed for my/our health, everyone please keep safe, be kind with one another, enjoy some simple pleasures at home and remember "health is wealth".  Visit again for updates and new colourful joyful paintings I have been working on.

With care and always with inspiration,
- Barbara

Welcome Spring!
Enjoy My Colourful Joy, My Bliss

"Hi Barbara, I have completed my office and am so happy with my new painting! It is beautiful, bold and ..." Read more  (Motivational Speaker, Author and Coach, Calgary Alberta, February 2020)


Meet Barbara Simpson in person, talk with her about her art and her creative process, ask questions about her journey as an artist over the past two decades. A great opportunity to buy direct from the artist. Add to your already growing original art collection or begin one! Original fine art and gifts for your environment from Barbara Simpson.

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"LOVE" (from Rainbow Series)

24"x36", acrylic, satin gloss varnish on canvas, unframed. 


FREE SHIPPING FOR CONTINENTAL CANADA via Canada Post on this March 2020 Spotlight.

Note: March 2020 Spotlight is available until March 31, 2020 unless sold before.

Adding Colour &Joy, Originals-Only (no prints) since 1998

"I have admired Barbara’s artwork from afar and have promoted her work when opportunities came up through various events that she was participating in. I am a big believer in ..." Read more  (New Collectors, Innisfill Ontario, 2019)


My Mom and Dad taught me when I was a young child, 'Where this is a will, there is a way.' And how true that is! This could be for anything and includes helping others and not only during seasonal occasions. Anytime is a great time to help others. Read some of the wonderful experiences I have had the pleasure of helping others by means through my art here. Enjoy! - Barbara Simpson

"I feel blessed to be the proud owner of many of Barbara's paintings!..." Read more   (V.P., Art Collector, Calgary Alberta, May 2019)

AUGUST VIEW - WOOD LAKE I, 16x20, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas; owned by Collectors.


IRIS FOR DEBORAH, 11x14, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas; commission/owned by Collectors.


COSMIC PASSION, 24x36, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas; owned by Collectors.

Featured in Southwest Art (2007)


"I am the proud owner of the group of three paintings called 'Whimsical in Nature'. They are exactly what I had in mind when I commissioned Barbara to create these originals. I cannot help but smile whenever I view them. Thanks so much."   Read more  ( B.C., Niagara Falls Ontario, 2018)


Your subject and in the style of your choice, we will discuss all the details before we get started. Just like one of several commissioned works I had the pleasure of painting, on this hand-carved wooden Mexican mask. Being trusted to paint on such a unique work of art already, so beautiful, was an honour for me to receive. My clients were thrilled with the finished painting of their Mexican mask. It dons their outdoor lounge in the summer months of their residence on the St. Lawrence River in southeastern Ontario, when they are not in Mexico!

All commission work is considered. I have painted on exquisite and precious surfaces. What unique painting do you have in mind? I would love to hear from you about it, and paint it for you

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