"An expression of my being and art 'through my eyes'."
My Authentic Self:  20 Years of Soulful Colourful Bliss
Hi! My name is Barbara Simpson and I am a Canadian Originals-Only (no prints) Artist. I was born (practically!) with a crayon in my hand which eventually graduated to paints - oil paints, in fact, at the age of 10. My first painting to try, Blue Boy by Gainsborough was given to me by my grandparents. I come from two loving parents who were equally creative in their own ways, drawing and writing.  Since my first colouring book and the box of crayons that grew bigger every Christmas when I was a young girl, the experience of colour WOW'd me!! My parents almost had to pry me away from colouring to get to the table for Christmas dinner! I would finish my colouring book in just a couple of days. I would doodle and create my own designs.
Overtime I experimented with numerous mediums, and today acrylics being my chosen medium over the past two decades, I use Liquitex Professional. Together with great inspiration from my loved ones, my environment, a range of music consisting of the blues, classical and jazz, and by Great Master painters like Claude Monet, Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Carr, Marc Chagall, The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson to name a few, my work takes shape while adding my own creative flair and much colour; this is important to me, making each painting my own.  Our lives truly are filled with much colour on various levels. As there is no one particular style of painting I enjoy more than another, nor do I want to limit my expression as an artist to just one style or subjects, I enjoy painting from many ideas, thoughts, travels, gardens I've grown and of the tens of thousands of photographs I have taken over the years, and "plein-air" too! Meditation and dreams guide me, too. I must admit, Picasso said it best,"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." as the same holds true for me. 
I feel blessed for this 'gift' to paint, allowing me to connect and communicate with people, sharing my 'creative world' with the world; it is an expression of my being and art 'through my eyes'.  Since 1998 when I began my professional artistic journey, my motto has been "Follow your heart. Dreams come true." and over the past decade I have added, "Make moments count." I hope you do too (Follow your heart and make moments count!) and that you enjoy my creative vision!
With inspiration,
- Barbara Simpson

Barbara's Creative Style
Since 1998, I have painted originals only, no prints, creating Fine Art of  mostly acrylic paintings of various sizes with (over 500 to date, 2018).  I feel there are endless painting possibilities, with so very many settings, a plethora of ideas, and not to mention when from my imagination! "Originals-only" I shall remain. The only prints you will find in my work are in my photography. Commissions are welcome. Contact me today! (Left: Cosmic Desire, 24x36', Owned by Collector, Western Canada)

I enjoy painting almost anything. From motivational abstracts to scenic  landscapes, pretty floral and fauna, seasonal and event themes, house and pet portraits. I'm captivated by something new in my work every time and in my subject. I always look forward to the next painting as that helps me grow and expand my horizons as an artist, and educate me in my subject. (Left: Colaneri Winery, 24x24', Available as shown, Contact Artist to purchase)


Where the world is my oyster for subject matter, colour is music to my eyes! I love to paint in bold, rich, colours, the spectrum of the rainbow, really, and in calming hues! I use Liquitex soft and hard body paints, as well as, a variety of gels and media into my paintings. In photography, I shoot with a CANON EOS Rebel T6S with various sized lenses and filters. (Left: Nicotiana- Red Perfume,24x30", Owned by New Collector, Ontario Canada)


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