Hello and Welcome to my Art World!

My name is Barbara Simpson and I am a Canadian Artist painting 'originals-only' (no prints) since 1998 in the acrylic medium. My work is about colour and the relationship among colours. My work appears unrepresentative, even random, at times, but a balanced composition clearly planned, for any subject I paint. I have had several exhibitions, and continue to evolve my art practice. I am grateful for my following and active loyal art collectors, in North America and Europe - Thank you to all!!

My work fluctuates between impressionism and abstract, each one challenging and rewarding in its own way. I love the historical techniques of painting from great painting masters: Georgia O'Keeffe, Emily Carr, Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh, and at times desire the kind of focus it brings me. In contrast, my abstract work allows me to be flexible and express myself to work more spontaneously with vibrant and evocative imagination, which I also need at times.

What will you find in my art portfolio? Lovely picturesque Canadian, American and Mexican water/landscapes, along with amorous flowers, spirited abstracts, and other themes that grab my zest for life. Each I consider a masterpiece, each in its own right. I am open to a multitude of subject matter and have a connection to many styles and techniques, still, while being my authentic self. There's much art to see for I am always painting and my story to read. - it's been an exciting couple of decades, to date! Enjoy my Art World!

Always with inspiration and creatively yours,
- Barbara Simpson .

Barbara's Summer Spotlight

With the amazing hot summer weather we've been having in Niagara of late there has much to enjoy outdoors - our environment, our flowers blooming in abundance, new paintings in progress on top of plentiful projects. Feeling incredibly grateful. And I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Ours at home is, as always, filled with 'buckets of love', which is also the title of this painting by yours truly. Yes, I get a wee bit spoiled with bouquets of flowers from my sweetie. He's definitely a keeper!

BUCKETS OF LOVE, 18"x24" (2019)
acrylic/gloss varnish on gallery-wrapped canvas
unframed/ready to hang
available for collection
Price: $810.00

Free shipping for Continental Canada

Christmas in July, celebrate any special occasion, for you or your special somebody, a great collector gift. May your day be filled with "buckets of love"! - Barbara   

Originals-Only (no prints) since 1998

"I feel blessed to be the proud owner of many of Barbara's paintings!"

V.P., Art Collector, Calgary Alberta, May 2019

COSMIC PASSION, 24x36, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas; owned by Collectors.

This painting was featured in Southwest Art Magazine (2007).


AUGUST VIEW - WOOD LAKE I, 16x20, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas; owned by new Collectors.


IRIS FOR DEBORAH, 11x14, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas; commissioned work  and owned by Collectors.


"I am the proud owner of the group of three paintings called 'Whimsical in Nature'. They are exactly what I had in mind when I commissioned Barbara to create these originals. I cannot help but smile whenever I view them. Thanks so much."

B.C., Niagara Falls Ontario, 2018

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One of several special pieces I've had the pleasure of painting is on a hand-carved wooden Mexican mask. Being trusted to paint on a unique work of art already so beautiful was an honour for me to receive. My clients were thrilled with the finished piece. It dons their outdoor lounge in the summer months of their residence on the St. Lawrence River in Maitland Ontario, when they are not in Mexico!

I consider all commission work and have painted on other exquisite surfaces. Do you have a unique painting in mind? I would love to hear about it and paint it for you. Contact me today and let's get started!  Deposit required at time of booking.